A question we received recently from a prospective student is there any essential theory that is used as reference by ICA during the program? I found out that some schools use NLP, or other theory as the basis?

Your Quick Answer

In short - Unlike other schools that focus on one model or learning theory and make it a one-size fits all approach, here at ICA we expose our students to a variety.

A Longer Explanation

Each coach has a slightly different approach, and we want our students to find their own voice, so at ICA we have a 'NO ONE MODEL' approach. Starting in your foundation classes you will be exposed to a multitude of coaching models... both well known in the industry, but also models from our community - other students and graduates. You will likely find bits and pieces that really resonate with you... hold on to those references because you will able to incorporate those ideas into the development of your own coaching model. As you progress as a student, you will be guided through the process of creating your own coaching model.

The inspiration will come from your own experiences as a student - coaching your clients, being coached, exploring the curriculum with a student and client perspective. By the time you graduate, every student has a coaching model that describes their uniqueness as a coach - how they coach, their process of coaching. Many graduates use the model as a marketing tool on their websites. In Addition, we do have a section of curriculum that explores influences and the origin of the coaching profession. 

Frameworks & Models: These modules provide an introduction and understanding of often complex theories and break them down into easily digestible chunks. Here you can discover some of the key theories and philosophies that have influenced coaching, and still do. You will also learn how each of these theories can be practically applied to coaching. 

You Will Learn: 

The main principles of key theories that have influenced coaching

How to apply and use these theories in conjunction with coaching.

The roots of coaching as a methodology & as a profession 

Classes include History of Coaching, NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Appreciative Inquiry, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, DISC, Strengths Finder, Enneagram, Wheel of Life.

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