You've Enrolled.  What Now?  

It's important to navigate your studies in a way that suits you. Your program is made up of complimentary learning experiences such as theory classes, practicum labs, observed coaching and peer coaching.  

Get a Birdseye View 

It can sometimes be helpful when planning any goal or activity to take a moment to look at the bigger picture. Or, start at the end and work backwards.  And, compile a list of questions as you go. Our recommendation is to do the following:

  1. Learnsite - Click, Look and Listen
    Login to your learnsite and begin familiarising yourself with your learning materials and community. What do you need to learn, how will you learn it, and how will you demonstrate and record your learning.

  2. Download Program Overview
    This document has a brief overview of your program requirements and inclusions. It shows the breakdown of classes, labs, portfolio development, coaching practicum and assessment.

  3.  Download Graduation Checklist
    The syllabus will give you an overall snapshot of the course areas and structure of your program. Your graduation checklist (available in your learnsite under Assessment and graduation) will show exactly, in detail, the number of hours and participation requirements.

    Overview of Program components

Map Out Your Schedule

  1. Program Participation Hours
    There’s four components to your study; Live Classes (Theory and Practicum), Portfolio Development, Peer Coaching and Assessment. The first step is to find your total program hours (see graduation checklist), and the allocated hours for each area

  2. Your Schedule
    Consider your current life or work commitments. How much time will you have to study, when do you want to study, what can be moved around, what can’t be moved around. What days work best for you to take classes, what days are best for you to work on your portfolio.

  3. Graduation Goal
    All programs have a membership period for learnsite access and graduation. But, it’s possible to fast track (no charge) or even take longer (fees apply). For the purpose of your study schedule, pick a graduation time frame that will best suit your coaching goal.

3. Join an Orientation Call

The majority of new students enjoy an orientation teleclass as soon as possible.  Why? Connecting with other learners and asking questions builds confidence and establishes those all-important professional networks. And, you can take an orientation class as many times as you wish.  So, if you encounter something new and you are unsure of how it relates to your study, then please feel free to speak with us.  

View the support tab in your learnsite for the next orientation call.