Purpose and Context:

One of the things we care about at ICA is your experience - what you think, how you felt, what you learnt, where there was a gap etc.  Positive comments are always welcome and a wonderful acknowledgement. Negative feedback gives us an opportunity to review our performance and to improve.


This policy applies to students, graduates, ICA staff and volunteers.

Policy and Process

ICA Initiated Feedback

We formally request feedback from our community at two times during their studies. This information collected is confidential and used only to plan and improve the curriculum and student learning experience. It will only ever be shared within ICA with relevant stakeholders.  

  • In the first 3 months 
    An opportunity for us to see how you are going, and if you were able to find the resources and learning you needed to get up and running.
    View or Submit Student Progress Form

  • Graduation
    Every student who graduates from ICA is invited to share their experiences via an exit survey.
    View or Submit Exit Survey 

Should ICA be concerned about a student's progress or satisfaction, they will reach out personally to offer support and guidance.  This includes requiring the student to submit their graduation checklist for the purpose of review and / or auditing at anytime during their studies.


Student Initiated Feedback

  • You can connect with us at any time during your studies either via a Training Delivery Survey, directly to a team member, or via the support queue.   Read More