Teleclass Etiquette


ICA is committed to providing students the highest quality training available. All programs are delivered by teleclasses, using high quality bridge lines. The following guidelines have been provided to enhance your teleclass experience and ensure the call environment is kept clear and functional for all participants.


** Create a Quiet Space **


Please create a quiet space from which to participate in the calls. You will get the most out of the call if you sit quietly and really focus on what's happening on the calls. You may be tempted to move around and do other things during the class, but please allow yourself to be totally present to the group and conversation instead. If you must move around for something, make sure that you have the mute button on so that no distracting noise comes across the phone and into the group space (yes, we can hear everything!).


** Minimize Distractions **


It is important to minimize background noise and interruptions. Turn off the ringer on any other phone line in your vicinity and minimize background noise such as computers, radios and televisions, pets, family members, and other household noises.  If you are interrupted during the class, use your mute button or the *6 mute feature of the bridge line. Do not place the class on hold as we will hear music when you do so. Pressing *6 again will turn the mute off so that you can share.


** Dial in Technology  **


Using a "landline" phone with a headset system is the best case scenario. Please do not use hands free speaker phone.  These amplify any background noise, make it difficult for others to hear what you are saying, and often create a "humming".   Cell / mobile phones are not ideal.  If you must use a cell phone, use it from a fixed location with a strong signal. Please do not use hands the hands free speaker phones option: additionally, using blue tooth technology further reduces clarity on a bridge call and can create a "skipping" or hesitating sensation.


When using SKYPE, or other voice over internet protocol systems please use a headset system. Please do not use a computer with a built in microphone, and external speakers.  These  create a "feedback loop" and cause an  echoing sensation in the call.  If using Skype, make certain you have the most up to date version downloaded to your computer.


If you are using a prepaid calling card, make sure you have ample minutes. Any warnings such as "you have one minute left" will most likely be heard by callers, plus you will have to disconnect and reconnect if you run out of time.


If you have call waiting, disconnect it before calling.


If you use a cordless phone, stay close to the base to avoid static.

Following these guidelines will ensure that you and your fellow students enjoy optimal call quality for your teleclasses!!