Peer Coaching is the place where theory meets practice.  It serves three purposes

1. To practice specific coaching skills in a safe environment

2 To earn hours of coaching towards your ICA requirement

3. To collect hours towards your ICF credential. 

As Client...

We encourage all new students take on the role of Peer Client as soon as possible after enrolling. Acting as a client for your Peer Coach offers a rich learning opportunity as you see what it feels like to be a client. You will also see how each coach has their own unique style and how different styles of coaching can be effective. Please know that most Peer Coaches are nervous before they get started. Keep in mind this is a "Learning environment" not a "Knowing environment" and Peer Coaching is a safe way for you to practice and enhance your skills.

As Coach...

  • You must have completed at least 6 peer coaching sessions as a client, and begun Mentor Coaching as an observer or client, before taking on the role of coach. 

  • You must enter at least 4 different coaching relationships during your peer  coach training with ICA.  This means being a client for two different coaches, and being a coach for two different clients.  

  • One coaching hour is 60 minutes of actual coaching, not consulting, counselling, therapy etc

    Scenario: You meet your peer for one hour of coaching. As the coach, you conduct a full session from the agreement through to an action plan and work hard to demonstrate as many competencies as possible. The session takes 45 minutes of time and you and your peer client debrief for 15 minutes afterwards.  This qualifies as a 45 min peer coaching session 

    Scenario: You are coaching your peer client but struggle with forming questions so you stop the session and you and your peer discuss what is happening, brainstorm solutions, and have a dynamic conversation about how you felt....then resume the session. This is a great learning exercise and peer support. This is not peer coaching and does not qualify as a session for ICA or ICF purposes.