The Knowledge Evaluation (Written Exam) will be issued to you when you register for Observed Coaching.  This is a multiple choice evaluation, with all questions based on the ICF competencies and your Coach Training Curriculum. There are no 'surprises' or trick questions. This evaluation is an opportunity for you to assess and celebrate your learning. 

Things to know about your Knowledge Evaluation Assessment 

1. The Knowledge Evaluation Assessment (Written Exam) will be distributed to you when you register and are confirmed for Observed Coaching. 

2. You have 30 days to complete your Knowledge Evaluation Assessment after your final Observed Coaching class. You will have two chances (if necessary) to complete the written exam during the 30 day time period.

3. This assessment is password protected and you can take it only once. Once you start the exam you must finish it in the same sitting (you can not go back once you log out)

4. The pass mark for this assessment is 70%

** Students who have already completed Observed Coaching and were not able to access the Knowledge Evaluation Assessment can email [email protected] to be sent a copy

See Your Learnsite for further information