It's not uncommon for life to take a different direction to the one planned, resulting in students needing to stop their studies unexpectedly (without notifying ICA in advance), or needing longer than the allocated access time to complete their studies.   As such, there is the option to defer program access for up to 6 months, or extend on a month by month basis.  

ScopeICA Students and Graduates

Eligibility Criteria

Students wanting to defer for 6 months must apply meet the following requirements

  • Be an enrolled student with current program access
  • Be able to provide records of program attendance to date (eg. Graduation Checklist)
  • Be in good financial standing with ICA (fees paid in full)
  • Demonstrate, or have demonstrated, a commitment to participating and completing their studies
  • Not yet have commenced their performance evaluation process (observed coaching or oral exam)

Defer your studies for up to 6 months

This is an opportunity to 'stop the clock' on your studies.   During this time you will not have access to the learnsite, curriculum, forum or schedules.  This can be taken in one continuous period, or has two periods of 3 months.

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** Students on a payment plan will be required to continue their monthly installments during periods of deferment (eg. payment plans are not linked to participation).

*** Students who take a break from their studies due to ill health and not able to notify ICA in advance can apply for a retrospective deferment of up to 6 months.  This is considered on a case by case basis, with supporting documentation required. 


Extend Your Program Access 

It might be that you simply need longer to comlete your studies.  If so, apply for an extension.  Read more here...