Mentor Coaching is a development process that takes place in a repetitive cycle of receiving feedback regarding student coaching, reflecting on this feedback and practicing new skills. The focus must be on the development of skills using the ICF Core Competencies. Further information can be found in your student learnsite

Mentor Coaching as an Observer

We encourage students to attend as many Mentor Coaching classes as possible as an observer.  This is such a valuable opportunity to listen to your peers coach, experience a range of different techniques, and benefit from the mentor feedback.  You can be an observer in either the one on one or group mentoring classes

Mentor Coaching as a Coach

Each Mentor Coaching class will offer 2 opportunities for a student to coach. Each Core Curriculum class will offer 1 opportunity for a student to coach.

Please record each session where you act as the coach on the "outcomes" tab of your ICA Graduation Checklist.

see Mentor Coaching course area for further information