ICA is a global community with students, graduates, and faculty living in many countries, across many time zones. 

The main class schedule is published in New York Eastern time, but we've also provided some region conversions based on the most popular time zones within our community. 

Calendar Time Zone
Best for the following cities (allow for day light saving variations)
New York Eastern (NY ET)
New York, Miami, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia, Caracas, La Paz, Ottawa, Toronto, Montréal, Havana, Santo Domingo, San Juan, Washington DC
Pacific Time (PT)
California, Nevada, San Francisco, Phoenix, Seattle, Dawson, Tijuana, Dallas,
Eastern Europe (EET)
Athens, Minsk, Sofia, Tallinn, Helsinki, Baghdad, Jerusalem, Amman,  Nairobi, Kuwait City, Beirut, Doha, Bucharest, Moscow, Istanbul, Cairo
Central Europe (CET)
Amsterdam, Oslo, Warsaw, Belgrade, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Barcelona, Madrid, Khartoum, Stockholm, Zürich, Vienna, Brussels, Prague, Copenhagen, Cairo, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Budapest, Rome,
Western Europe (WET)
Algiers, Kinshasa, Dublin, Casablanca, Lagos, Lisbon, London
Hong Kong (HK)
Hong Kong, Perth, Beijing, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Singapore, Taipei
Australian Eastern (AET)
Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane

If you live outside these regions you can convert using www.timeanddate.com or send us a request for your region and as soon as we have more than 10 students requesting your region, we will create another region specific schedule.