ICA's peer coaching is aligned with the experience hours required for an ACC or PCC Credential.  This is because it happens outside the classroom and requires students to be a client for as many hours as they are coach.  It is pro bono coaching in that money is not exchanged for services.  However, it can count towards barter or reciprocal coaching.

  • Pro Bono Coaching (unpaid hours)
    Your ICA Peer Coaching is Pro Bono coaching because money or fees are not exchanged for services.

  • Barter Coaching / Reciprocal Coaching (paid hours)
    With Barter and Reciprocal Coaching there is an exchange in services. The "exchange" is the donation of being a client for an hour for the opportunity to coach for an hour. You count client hours, and coaching hours. And they must balance each other for it to be counted as reciprocal. This does not have to be with the same client or coach.

For example:

You are the client for 10 hours and the coach for 10 hours with the same person. This counts for 10 paid hours as per

the ICF Guidelines for Reciprocal Peer Coaching.

If you are the client for 8 hours and the coach for 10 hours, then this counts as 8 paid hours and 2 pro bono hours.

For further clarification refer to the International Coach Federation Guidelines for ACC or PCC ICF experience requirements.