To apply for any ICF Credential via a direct pathway you need:

  1. Level 1 or Level 2 Coach Certification
  2. Coaching Hours and Experience
  3. Completion of the ICF Written Exam

What is a Level 1 or Level 2 Coach Certification?

Vocational Program = Level 1 (apply for ACC via the ICF Level 1 track)
Professional Program = Level 2 (apply for ACC or PCC via the ICF Level 2 or ACTP track)
Advanced Professional Program = Level 2 (apply for ACC or PCC via the ICF Level 2 or ACTP track) 

Where do I apply for a Credential? 

ACC and PCC credentials are issued by the ICF.  This can be done only AFTER you have completed your Level 1 or Level 2 training and have an authorised Certificate.    

The application is then as follows:

ICF Requirements for an ACC Credential via the Level 1 track

  1. Level 1 Coach Certification (e.g. ICA Vocational program)
  2. Coaching hours 
  3. Written Exam (as required by the ICF)
    Read more here 

ICF Requirements for an ACC or PCC Credential via the Level 2 track

  1. Level 2 Coach Certification (e.g. Professional or Advanced Professional program)
  2. Coaching hours  
  3. Written Exam
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ICF Credentialing Q&A Calls

Interested in applying for an ICF credential? Have a question about renewing your credential? Or upgrading to the next level?   

The ICF Credentials and Standards staff hold quarterly Credentialing Q&A Calls to answer questions about the credentialing or credential renewal process.


These are one-hour calls and are not recorded, so you can feel comfortable in asking any question you have.  You must register for the call, in order to receive the link to attend the call. The ICF has also partnered with Wordly, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) translation platform, to make live translations in over 50 languages. You will be able to access Wordly when you join the call.

View Credentialing Q&A Calls HERE