Download Zoom

  • you will need the zoom app installed on your phone or laptop
  • convert the time of the class(s) to your location 

Get Ready

  • find a quiet space without background noise of distraction
  • read the module and have it in front of you as a reference during the class
  • open your zoom app


To connect using Video 

  1. Click on the zoom code associated to the class you want to join, and then follow the prompts to connect audio and video


  1. Open your zoom account
  2. Click on join meeting
  3. Enter the meeting code
  4. Connect Audio and Video

To connect using Audio

  1. Dial into class using either a local number (see learnsite, schedule page)
  2. Enter the Meeting ID 
  3. Announce yourself (the trainer will be expecting you)


Using the Dial Codes, Meeting Code, and Video links below, you can connect to a zoom call to test out the process. There wont be anyone on the call, but you will get to connect, and explore how the technology works.

  1. Download the zoom app zoom app installed
  2. Click join meeting
  3. Enter TEST Meeting ID 407-710-158
  4. Click ‘Open Zoom Meetings’ .