Mentor Coaching classes consist of live coaching sessions with feedback against the ICF competencies, just like the Labs. 

However there are a few key differences:

  1. In Mentor Coaching the trainer does not interrupt the coaching session. The coach practices delivering a whole session from beginning to end and then on completion will receive feedback.

    In a Lab the session will be interrupted multiple times. The focus is on a specific competency, not the session as a whole and that competency is drilled down in detail.  

  2. The feedback offered in Mentor Coaching is wholistic and is given against ALL of the ICF Competencies. So the trainer will be focusing on the session as a whole and looking for examples of where the coach met any or all of the competencies.

    In a Lab the feedback will focus on one specific competency and its markers

  3. Mentor Coaching provides observations of areas in which the coach did meet the competencies as well as where they did not. Areas of competence are identified alongside areas requiring improvement.

    Stop the Clock focuses only on competencies that were observed