Numerous VoIP-based (Voice over IP) communications services have experienced service disruptions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) due to blocks by UAE ISPs (internet service providers) du and Etisalat. These ISPs seem to have banned all services that they do not sell themselves.

This may affect your connection to classes using Zoom. Students may experience filters depending on their location around the world which make accessing some online services a challenge.  Some students consider obtaining a VPN (Virtaul Private Network) but you may need to check this with your own country's requirements.

You can explore which ISP's that are not affected in the UAE and consider switching providers.  In addition you can also locate a local dial code that we do have on the our list that is as geographically as close to you as possible and check with your provider to see what costs would be incurred if you used that number. 

There may be some light at the end of the tunnel though as Microsoft and Apple are currently in talks with the UAE about lifting bans on VOIP's such as Skype, Zoom etc.   You can read about that in and article dated 1 May, 2018,  here.