It might be that you arrive to find the trainer for your class is not the trainer you had expected - this will happen from time to time (e.g. one trainer is covering for another).  However, it is highly unlikely that you will ever arrive to class and there not be a trainer.  If this happens, please follow the steps below: 

Is it just you in the class (e.g.. no faculty and no students)?

  • Please check via the online Learnsite schedule that you had the correct class id and the correct time.

Are there other students as well as yourself? 

If this is the case, it means that the trainer has either had difficulty connecting or there has been a personal situation arise for them that required their urgent attention.  If this happens please:

  • Nominate one member of the group to contact support immediately (it might be that we can organise someone to jump in and cover the class)
  • Nominate one person to 'lead' the class.  Use the module download as a starting point for the discussion and share your questions and learning with the group

    You can count this class as attended (make note on your checklist that the trainer was not present). Or, you can attend a future class with this same topic.

    We appreciate your time is valuable and if missing this one class is affecting your graduation, please complete a ticket to support. Trainers are always available to students on the forum and they can answer any questions, give feedback or may offer to re-schedule the class.