If no one was in your class today please double check via the online learnsite schedule that you had the correct class id and the correct time. If you were correctly logged into a class along with other students but the trainer was absent, we sincerely apologize. This rarely occurs and when it does it is because of one of the following reasons: - there was a daylight saving time change and the trainer may not have adjusted their schedule - a trainer requested to swap with another trainer and there was miscommunication - a trainer had technical difficulties connecting - computer crashed, skype crashed, electricity failure, lack of internet connection - a trainer had an unforeseen emergency (health, family, car crash, sickness ect) As a class a more experienced student can take charge of the lesson and lead the module. Please let us know if this is what your class chose to do and how the class went and we will count that class towards your program. Otherwise, please take that same class again next time it comes around in your schedule. Again trainers missing a class is rare but we are all human. We appreciate your time is valuable and if missing this one class is affecting your graduation, please complete a ticket to support. Trainers are always available to students on the forum and they can answer any questions, give feedback or may offer to re-schedule the class.