Your ICA Calendar has two viewing options - block and list.

Block is when you view the calendar in a 'regular' format with the days of the week running horizontally (best for PC, Mac). List (condensed) view is when the dates run vertically (best for mobile devices).

You can adjust the view to whichever suits you best.


  1. Go to the header or footer and click on the DISPLAY option
  2. Select Condensed view view vertically
  3. Select Block view view horizontally

(Block view)

(Condensed view)

A few things to note

  • The schedule rotates, and you can take classes in any order
  • The only classes you must register for in advance are Mentor Coaching and Observed Coaching 
  • You must keep a record of every class you attend (see Graduation Checklist)
  • You must dial in on the hour and then stay for the full session