Since it's inception, ICA has leveraged the power of voice to voice training. 

This e-learning style draws on many of the skills essential to coaching mastery - active listening, presence, focus and non judgment. It heightens the observation, learning and practice of coaching competencies. You learn to attune to what is said and not said, to tone, pitch, and energy, and even the communication clues in a dry cough, a nervous laugh or an unusual pause.   So, it's up to you if you connect using just audio, or choose the audio with video option. 

A few things to note

  • The schedule rotates, and you can take classes in any order
  • The only classes you must register for in advance are Observed Coaching and Coach Supervision (if applicable)
  • All classes require you to dial in using a landline or skype
  • You must keep a record of every class you attend (see Graduation Checklist)
  • You must dial in on the hour and then stay the full hour
  • There is an overview calendar (summary of all classes) and then course area calendars (showing dial codes)
  • All times shown on schedules are New York Eastern Time and can be converted using