Program re entry applies to students who unexpectedly needed to pause or withdraw and were unable to continue within their membership time frame.  This policy applies to students who enrolled AFTER January 2015

Re Entry for Vocational, Certified, Advanced students with EXPIRED Membership (2015 to current)

It's not uncommon for life to take a different direction to the one you had planned, meaning you needed to pause your studies unexpectedly and now find that your program membership has expired. The good news is that you can jump back in and pick up where you left off.

Eligibility as Verified by ICA

  1. you must have enrolled in the Vocational, Certified or Advanced program AFTER Jan 2015
  2. You must have paid your fees in full 
  3. you must have formal records of your program participation (or the hours you are seeking credit)

Curriculum mapping

The program curriculum might have changed slightly since you last attended classes.  Download the program overview to map to get an idea of what you have completed, and what you have yet to complete.  Once you rejoin you will then be able to transfer this over to


$300 AUD re entry fee, and then $100 AUD per month until completion



** If you had formally applied to defer and extension was granted then contact our support team before continuing with your extension.