Purpose and Context

ICA's programs offer flexible attendance within a required structure.  Each program has a set number of hours, tasks and assessment requirements that must be completed and documented prior to graduation, and then submitted at the time of graduation. 


  • Graduation Checklist
    Graduation checklists are a requirement of all ICA programs.  They are intended to guide students through their program requirements, assist with the mapping of curriculum changes, and evidence training as required by both ICA and the ICF. They list the requirements for your program, including self study, guided study, classes, labs and assessments.

  • 'Just in Time Learning'
    The learning model at ICA is “just-in-time” learning (or Flipped Learning).  All the information you need to complete your studies has been made available to you up front, in your learnsite.  It's then up to you to decide the days and times you study and the order you take your classes and labs.


Class Order

ICA's training schedule has been designed to fit our students’ lifestyle, and not the other way around. That means they can take most classes in ANY order.  The only classes students must register for in advance are Mentor Coaching and Observed Coaching.  All other classes can just be joined as you see them on the schedule.

  • You must keep a record of every class you attend

  • You must dial in on the hour and then stay the full hour

Eligible Attendance

As a Coach Education provider for adults we expect our students to take responsibility for their learning. This includes:

- managing time and schedules

- identifying when they are stuck and contacting support

- planning and preparing for classes (ie utilizing resources like The Mentor Coaching Journal)

- engage in classes with integrity and honesty

For a class or lab to be counted towards program completion, the student must arrive on time, engage in the learning, and stay for the entire duration of the class.  Camera's must be turned on unless authorised otherwise by the trainer.   

It is our expectation that all students will create a clear space free from noise or distraction and attend Zoom classes with their cameras on. We do understand that life happens and if for any reason a student is not able to meet this requirement they must let their Trainer know in the chat box. Refer to the Class Etiquette document for further information. 


ICA's community is international with students in over 126 countries.  As such, our schedule is International with class options spanning all time zones.  Within this there are at least 6 time options scheduled between 6am to 10pm in each time zone. If you are seeing some time zones with more classes than others, it is an indication of the student numbers in that region or time zone (eg. if class numbers regularly exceed 20 students then additional time options will be added on that same day or another day at the same time).

Repeat Classes

You are most welcome to repeat classes for further learning and development, but only the first attendance of each class counts towards your program completion.

Missed Classes

We understand students miss classes from time to time and provide flexible options for them to make up a class. The could include

  • Attending the same class in a different time slot on the schedule

  • Attending a similar class for the same duration (only available for certain class types and must be authorized with Student Support)

Graduation Checklist

It is each student's responsibility to download the Graduation Checklist and then use it to track their program progress and completion.  As per the Academic Integrity policy, the information recorded must be an current, accurate and true representation of your participation. Your graduation checklist must be available to ICA at all times upon request, and then submitted to ICA as part of the graduation process.   Graduation checklists will be routinely audited by ICA and held on file for a period of 5 years.