PurposeGraduation checklists are a requirement of all ICA programs.  They are intended to guide students through their program requirements, assist with the mapping of curriculum changes, and evidence training as required by both ICA and the ICF.
ScopeICA Students

Graduation Checklists are your study roadmap 

One of the first things you will do as a new student to ICA will be download your Graduation checklist.  It is specific to your program and is an overview of every class, lab, outcome and assessment that must be completed and documented for you to graduate from your program.   This is available via your learnsite and can be downloaded as a word doc.   

Graduation Checklists are a program requirement

It is each students responsibility to track their progress and completion using this graduation checklist.  As per the Academic Integrity policy, the information recorded must be an current, accurate and true representation of your participation. Your graduation checklist must be available to ICA at all times upon request, and then submitted to ICA as part of the graduation process.   Graduation checklists will be routinely audited by ICA and held on file for a period of 7 years.