Re Entry for CPCP and PCCP students (2001 - 2014)

The PCCP, ACCP, Essential and CPCP are no longer active programs and as such are no longer open for graduation. There are two options for students enrolled in either of these programs, exited without completion, and now wanting to return

Option One - re enter @ Vocational Program Level

  1. You must have paid your fees in full at the time of enrollment
  2. You must have formal records of your program participation 

    * Previously completed Core competency classes can be counted as completed if they exist in the current curriculum Eg. Powerful Questions.
    ** Previously completed Coaching Practicum, Observed or Mentor coaching ca count towards completion of current Coaching Labs

    Cost:  $700 AUD re entry fee, and then $100 AUD per month until completion   APPLY HERE

Option Two - re enrol in the Certified or Advanced program

With this option, you rejoin and begin from the start.  You will be eligible for a tuition saving that considers the fees you have paid to date.  For more information, contact our program advisors via