Coaching is contextual, meaning every session and every client is different.  By creating your own coaching model, you showcase who you are as a coach, who your clients will most likely be, what environment will you be coaching in, what problems will you be solving for clients and what structure you will use. 

Draw on a passion or specific expertise as a foundation for your model.  Sometimes prior experience is so significant that it alone can determine your coaching specialty and direction. In other cases, prior work and life experience need to be explored and then reintegrated to create a specialty that will be satisfying to you as a coach and valued by your clients.


Transferable skills and Experience

Your previous personal or professional experiences will inform and enhance your coaching model. For example, if you’ve been a business owner you can understand even more how to coach a business owner. 

Consider what transferable skills (or competencies) you have acquired from past experiences and which ones you would like to blend into your coaching model. 

Begin by listing all your past knowledge, expertise, and learning that feels important to your work as a coach. Consider both paid and non-paid positions. Notice any overlap in duties and responsibilities as you create the list.  You may have heard this referred to as a life inventory. What challenges and/or successes were involved in this experience?


Consider the following questions when planning your coaching model

  • Which Coaching framework, theory or model appeals to you the most? 

  •  “When I coach I am like a ________

  • Coaching is like a ________, it is about deep, powerful transformation.”

  • “My clients come to me looking for _______ and I help them find that using _________” 

  • What are the top 3 things you think a coaching/client relationship has to have for powerful coaching to take place?



Cover page:    Coaching model name, your name, your email, program enrollment 

Layout:     Introduction, Explanation with Visual, References

Words:    approx. 1000 words in length

Reference:    Be sure to reference all third party content

Format:     Must be a word document with 12 font and 1.5 spacing  

* Refer to the CoachCampus blog for example power tools, such as Action Oriented Health 


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