What are the ICF Competencies?

The ICF competencies communicate the skills, knowledge and approaches needed to practice as a certified coach, and provide a recognised industry benchmark for the profession of coaching. As an ACTP, these competencies are represented throughout our entire ACTP curriculum; in the modules, the classes, the labs and the assessments.    

As the ICF introduce a new marker, concept or application, we build it into our curriculum.  The same will happen with the recently updated ICF competencies.  And, actually, our next program review is due January 2020, so the timing is perfect.  

The New ICF Competencies

The ICF describes the new competencies as being an evolution rather than a revolution, and we totally agree. The new, competencies are streamlined, easy to follow, industry relevant, and integrate well with our ICA curriculum. Interestingly, some of the concepts in the new competencies already exist in our curriculum (eg. coaching being contextual is a big focus of coaching labs). And, some exist in our curriculum as optional, but will become a requirement (eg. reflective practice).


Q. When do the new competencies take effect?

A. The ICF require the new competencies to be introduced by early 2021.  However, they will begin to show in our curriculum by March 2020.  

Q. Will my program hours change?

A. No.  Your program hours will stay the same.  

Q. Will the classes and modules change?
A. Yes.  We will be introducing a couple of new modules. However, this only affects future participation.  If you have already attended a module (class) with existing curriculum, then you can consider it complete. 

Q. Will assessment change

A.  Not really.   The new competencies do not markedly impact the actual practice of coaching at the session level.  Your Observed Coaching and final performance evaluation are assessed at session level, against the ACC and PCC markers. It's likely the PCC markers will be rewritten and aligned against the new competencies, but you will have this well in advance to prepare for your assessment. 

The assessment structure at ICA wont change at all. You will continue to attend Observed, and submit a final performance evaluation, as your assessment.