As a student of ICA you have a period of time to complete your studies (membership).  Then, after you graduate you have the opportunity to stay connected via the ICA alumni. 

Using the Certified Professional Program as an example....

The time frame you have to complete your studies.  For the Certified Professional Program it's 18 months.  Most students complete in 12 months but this membership period allows you to structure a study path that works for you (eg. anywhere between 8 - 18 months).  

All programs includes an assigned number of learning hours.  For the certified class program it is 120 lab and class hours, 25 supported Portfolio Development hours, and unlimited access to the forum, modules, resources and peer coaching.  

Program Completion
 As soon as your performance evaluation is marked as completed, you are considered to have completed your studies. 

This is the point of certification. Your student records will be audited and your program completion will be formalised with certification. 

This is available only to graduates and is where you remain connected to the community via the forum.  This also includes alumni only events.