How Many Times Can I Attend Classes? 每堂课我能上多少次?

Each program has a set number of hours and the tuition is set accordingly.  每门课程有固定的学时,学费也有相应的设置。

For example: The Certified program is 125 hours program and is priced at $7315 USD.  Our Advanced Program is a 150 hr program and is therefore more expensive at $9870 USD.  例如:认证班的课程是125小时的课程,价格为7315美元。我们的高级班是一个150小时的课程,因此更贵,为9870美元。

In each program there is core curriculum (theory), Labs (to practice) and evaluations (Mentor Coaching and Observed Coaching).  每门课都有核心课程(理论课堂)、实务(实践讨论课)和评估学习(教练辅导课和观察下的教练科目)。

Whilst it is expected that students only attend each class once, we are flexible with the core curriculum classes and coaching labs.  If students need to attend more than once they can.  This means that class numbers will vary and could be anything from 10 to 30 students. 虽然我们希望学员每节课只上一次课,但我们的核心课程和教练讨论课是灵活的。如果有同学需要参加不止一次,他们可以。这意味着班级人数会有所不同,一堂课可能有10到30位学生。

Mentor Coaching and observed coaching are assessment and evaluation classes.  They are an intimate learning space with a higher level of one on one activity and learning. For that reason we keep these class numbers low and ask that students only attend the allocated number. 教练辅导课和观察下的教练都属于评估课堂学习。这类课堂有着亲密的学习空间,有更高层次的一对一的活动和学习内容。因此,我们将这类班级的人数控制在较的水平,并要求同学们只参加分配的上课次数。