Wechat is a social space that sits outside the ICA learnsite and learning places.  微信是一个位于ICA学习网站和学习场所之外的社交空间。

Wechat does not currently comply with International best practice with regard to how content is managed and stored, and it has limited functionality with regard to support and moderation.  There is also a risk that one day it may be blocked for users outside of China. So because we are a global school, with a global community we have chosen a platform that has a global reach and best practice - being the ICA forum.  在内容的管理和存储方式方面,微信目前并不符合国际环境中的最佳实践,并且它在支持和调节方面的功能有限。还有一种风险是,在未来的某一天,中国以外的用户可能被屏蔽使用微信。由于我们是一所全球性的学校,拥有一个全球性的社区,我们选择了一个具有全球影响力和最佳实践的平台——ICA论坛。

However, the forum is only as good it's users.  Meaning our community are the ones that can help make this a rich space with ongoing networks and friendships. So I highly encourage you to connect in the forum and let us know if you have any issues. 然而,论坛的好坏取决于它的用户。这意味着我们的社区可以帮助我们建立一个丰富的空间,让我们有持续的网络和友谊。所以我强烈鼓励大家在论坛上联系,如果在使用论坛方面有任何问题,请随时写信support@coachcampus.com告诉我们。