We appreciate that joining a coach training program is an investment of your time and money, and one you may have considered for a long time. As such, it's important to us that you feel supported throughout your learning journey. The following information is intended to support you in maximising the support and guidance available to you as a student. 


We feel fortunate to have such a dedicated and knowledgeable support team, most of who have been with ICA for over 15 years. They are regarded and respected as ICA experts. They do what they do because they truly care and feel a sense of achievement when they can 'make a difference'. 

But equally, our support team also tell us over and over again how lucky they feel to be working with such a positive, and friendly community. And it's true! It's an absolute pleasure and privilege to support ICA Coaches. 

One on One 'anytime' Support (Email) 

You can email our support team at any time with questions or queries. All requests will be responded to within 48 hours (generally sooner) 

Email: mailto:support@coachcampus.com

Group Calls (in person) 

Orientation calls and Community Q & A calls are held monthly. The days and times are published on the community schedule (found by clicking on the top drop down menu in the learnsite (under schedule)

Request for personal support relating to program participation or logistics should not be presented during class time, coaching sessions, or in the public forum. 

A Coach Approach

All programs have a set number of ours and graduation requirements.  Included in this is the requirement to demonstrate a coach approach whenever you are active within an ICA space such as classes, labs, the forum and in your emails to support.  A Coach approach is one where you intentionally demonstrate elements of coaching such consideration, curiosity and respect, and avoid actions or behaviours that might be triggered by any presumptions, perceived entitlements or underlying beliefs.  

However, this doesn't mean you can't disagree or not be aligned with information shared, a decision or an outcome. If this happens, please follow the process below. 

  • Request an Escalation 
    Email our support team and ask that your question or query be escalated to the ICA leadership team. Email: Support@coachcampus.com 

  • Submit feedback or a complaint 
    Caring is one of our core values at ICA; we care about our students’ experience - what they think, how they felt, what they learnt. We also actively seek to identify gaps in our curriculum, delivery and customer service. Positive comments are always welcome and a wonderful acknowledgement. Critical feedback gives us an opportunity to review our performance and to improve. Read more 

    In both of the above, please make sure to avoid the followin

    - negative assumptions, accusations or judgements 
    - language that might be recognised or perceived as yelling (eg. capital letters), name calling etc 
    - personal attacks, accusations or negative judgements directed at the support team 
    - actions or words that forcefully direct the support team to act outside of ICA policies or procedures 
    - attempts to use assumed or implied superiority to influence or direct the support team towards a desired outcome 
    - words or actions that result in the support team feeling undervalued or depleted 
    - the use of threats to influence a desired outcome or action 

    If a member of the support team experiences any of the above or feels the service they are providing is not valued or helpful, they have the full authority of ICA to independently withdraw their support services. The Training Director will be notified.