PurposeWe appreciate that joining a coach training program is an investment of your time and money, and one you may have considered for a long time.  As such, it's important to us that you feel supported throughout your learning journey.  The following information is intended to support you in maximising the support and guidance available to you as a student. 
ScopeStudents and Graduates

Help Us to Help You

  • Read the information available to you before submitting a support ticket
  • Be specific and contextual (eg. include information that will help support help you)
  • If an answer you receive is not helpful, repeat your request with a different context or request further information
  • If you have a bad day, and your emotions get the better of you, acknowledge it and own it (we're all human). If needed, apologise
  • Position feedback in a way that is helpful, considerate and respectful  

Apply a Coach Approach

When contacting support we request that you keep an open mind, ask questions, listen, and be open to possibility. Be mindful of any presumptions, triggers, perceived entitlements or underlying beliefs that might interfere with your approach, or the support process.  Your words, actions and responses must reflect positivity, curiosity, and/or consideration. They must not include negative assumptions, accusations or judgements. 


If you are not aligned with a decision or outcome....

You can

  • assume that your support contact has acted with the best of intentions
  • request your support contacts decision or direction be reviewed by another member of the team or be escalated to the ICA leadership team (including reasons why)

You can not

  • Blame or abuse those innocent of the situation, or who you perceive to be lower-ranking. Do not Kick the cat! 


The following will be determined to be misconduct 

  • personal attacks, accusations or negative judgements directed at the support team
  • actions or words that forcefully direct the support team to act outside of ICA policies or procedures
  • attempts to use assumed or implied superiority to influence or direct the support team towards a desired outcome
  • words or actions that result in the support team feeling unsafe, undervalued or depleted
  • the use of threats to influence a desired outcome or action  

If a student or graduate is observed acting out of alignment with the above policies, or is reported as acting out of alignment with the above policies, the concern will be escalated to a member of the ICA Leadership Team.  The student will have an opportunity to reflect on their approach and perspective.  If the misconduct continues, the students learning status will be revoked.  The issue of certification and any refund of fees will be at the discretion of ICA.