As of the 1st January 2021 the Frameworks Course Area will be updated with new modules.  The changes are as follows:

2018 - 2020 
2021 onwards
Course Area
Module 1History of CoachingHistory of Coaching (no change)Frameworks & Models
Module 2Emotional IntelligenceEmotional Intelligence (no change)Frameworks & Models
Module 3Enneagram or Tools and AssessmentsTools and Assessments Frameworks & Models
Module 4Cognitive Behavioural TherapyBlended CoachingFrameworks & Models
Module 5DISCSystemic ThinkingFrameworks & Models
Module 6MindfulnessCoaching ResearchFrameworks & Models
Module 7Neuro Linguistic ProgrammingNeuroscienceFrameworks & Models
Module 8Wheel of LifeAdult Learning Principles

Frameworks & Models
Module 9Appreciative EnquiryPositive PyschologyFrameworks & Models
Module 10Strengthsfinder

Your Coaching Power Toolmoved to Portfolio Labs

You have already completed half the modules this year, and plan to complete half next year?

It's fine to have a mix or old and new.  The requirement is 10 modules in total and they can be from either the 2018 - 2020 list or the 2021 list.  Just make a note of the ones you completed in your graduation checklist (substituting new for old where required). 

You have completed the previous Frameworks and Models classes but would like to also attend some or all of the new ones?

If they fall within your learnsite access, and before you apply to graduate, then you are welcome to take these as additional classes. You can choose which ones you include in your graduation checklist. 

You were interested in the old modules and want to be able to complete them?

The Tools and Assessment modules (Disc, Enneagram, Strengthsfinder) will all still be available as downloads in your learnsite, but will now all be taught in one class (Tools and Assessments) instead of 4 classes.  

You feel unsettled by these changes?

ICA reviews it's curriculum regularly to be sure it is 

  • industry relevant
  • aligned with any new or emerging trends
  • aligned with ICF competencies and markers
  • equips you to coach anyone, anywhere in the world.  

We are also mindful that change can be disruptive for some students, so we always carefully consider the ROI and change is only made if it is considered to be extremely beneficial.   Which is the case with this change to Frameworks and Models.