As a graduate of ICA's Group Coaching program and as a Group Coach coaching program, you have the right to use the FlipIt logo on your website.

How to download your logo

Right mouse click and select "Save Image As..." and download the image to your desktop.

How to add the logo to your website

Then open the backend of your website and edit the website page where you would like the ICA Group Coach logo to appear. 

Place your cursor in the page area where you want the logo and click on the "insert image" icon or image building block. Upload the ICA Groups Coach logo that you saved to your desktop. 

Link the Logo to ICA

You can link the logo image either to
The ICA website:

The FlipIt page:

or to the graduate yearbook:

To do this click on the image you have just added to your website page, then select the hyperlink icon and paste in one of the above links. Alternatively, if you click on the image properties you will be able to add a url image link.

How to add the logo to your wordpress footer

If you would like to add the logo to your wordpress footer, login to the backend of your website.

Create a new post

Insert an image into the draft post by clicking on the image icon and importing the logo from your desktop

Once the logo is on your post, click on the logo and add the ICA hyperlink to the CoachCampus website. 

Now copy the code by clicking on the TEXT tab and copying the code.
Next your footer details should found under
- Appearance
- Widgets
- Footer

Once you have found the footer widget, paste in the code and save.

View your website.