Mentor Coaching is progressive learning and takes place over a period of time (at least 4 months) in a cycle that allows for listening and feedback from a mentor coach to be incorporated into each future session.  

As such it's important that your sessions are scheduled to allow for this.  
  • Ideally, do do not book more than 1 session a week
  • Ideally, do not book more than 2 sessions a month 
  • Only book the sessions you know you can attend (a fee applies for change of mind)

Cancellations and Variations

The last thing we want to do is 'police' mentor coaching registrations. But, at the same time, it's our responsibility to make sure the booking system works equally and fairly for all students. These fees are not revenue generating. They directly cover the costs associated with schedule adjustments and administration, and reduce situations where places are held at the expense of another student attending.  

As such, a fee of $50 will apply if you need to change or cancel your booking (for any reason).  This must be paid before you graduate. 

** If we are able to fill this session for you, the fee will be waived.  If the session is not filled, the fee will apply.

How to cancel or amend

There is a link in your confirmation email that will support you to cancel or amend your registration up until 7 days prior.  Any adjustments within 7 days will need to be processed by support via

No shows

If for any reason you forget your session or fail to attend as scheduled (for any reasons) a $50 fee will apply.  This must be paid before your graduation can be processed.

Disputing the Fee

Please do not ask our support team to remove or review the application of this fee, regardless of the reason.  They will administer the cancellation, no show or change of mind as per the clear instruction above.  If you feel you fall outside this policy, and would like to discuss this fee, please email the training director, Robyn Logan via