Non Compete

Your enrollment at ICA is conditional on you not competing with us in any way. Lots of our graduates go on to develop coaching programs, and even training programs. We give them our full support. However, we do not support Graduates setting up Coach Training Programs what are in direct competition with us. We consider any ACTP (level 2) coach training program that is accredited with the ICF to be in direct competition.  In the case of a student setting up in competition with ICA, their Learnsite and learning status will be revoked.  Fees are not refundable.

Grow Your Business but Respect Your Peers

There are many ways you can get support with setting up your own business or coaching practice. The opportunity to tap into a large global coaching community is one of them. Your success is our success. But, good boundaries are essential.

We encourage you to

  • Use your learning from the theory classes to help build frameworks for your coaching business (e.g. learn how to create a coaching agreement)
  • Use your portfolio development labs to explore and develop who you will be as a coach, how you will coach, and who you will coach
  • Connect with ICA faculty within the ICA environment to share ideas and ask questions. This includes any online environment that is hosted by ICA and includes the ICA brand (eg. Learnsite, Facebook)
  • Connect with ICA students and graduates inside the classroom, or via the forum, to develop concepts and share ideas or experiences. This includes any online environment that is hosted by ICA and includes the ICA brand (e.g. Learnsite, Facebook)
  • Develop friendships or networks with ICA students or graduates and continue them privately outside the ICA Learnsite
  • Request sponsorship from ICA to help develop or promote your business product / service.

However, you must not...

  • Take the contact details of faculty, students or graduates from within the Learnsite or forum, without authority, and then using this data to create your own contact or mailing list (this is called 'scraping)
  • Solicit the contact details of faculty, students or graduates for the purpose of creating your own database or contact list (this is fishing from ICA's pond)
  • Use your ICA learning and networks to set up an ACSTH or ACTP coaching school (this would be setting up in competition with ICA and unethically using IP)
  • Spruke or spam your products / services within the ICA environment for the purpose of financial gain
  • Associating or attaching the ICA brand (logo, faculty, IP etc) to virtual or face to face groups you have created or are hosting.

In the case of inappropriate student or graduate behaviour the student or graduate will be asked to cease the activity.  If inappropriate behaviour continues, the student or graduate will be removed from the online environment (eg. Learnsite, Facebook, Wechat) and asked to leave the program. Their learning status with ICA will be revoked. In the case of unethical behaviour, legal action will be considered.