Purpose and Context:

International Coach Academy is an international and diverse community. We work together to create and sustain a community where diversity is recognised, valued and celebrated. We proactively advance equality and inclusive practice in our staff and student recruitment, in our teaching and assessment and in our student support.

At ICA we believe it is through observing and understanding the experiences and opinions of others that our own thoughts and opinions can be stretched and challenged. We value the different and varied life experiences our students bring to class and believe the variety of perspectives and beliefs that are born of this experience add great value to the community as a whole.  Such diversity will inspire new ways of thinking, new discoveries of self and new modes of coaching.


This policy applies to students, graduates, ICA staff and volunteers.


Refers to the mix of people in an organisation – that is, all the differences between people in how they identify in relation to their Social Identity and Professional Identity.

Social Identity
Refers to examples such as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander background, age, caring responsibilities, cultural background, disability status, gender, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, intersex status, and socio-economic background.


Professional Identity
Refers to a person’s profession, education, work experiences, organisational level, functional area, division/ department, and location.

 Policy and Procedures

We support the ICF Statement of Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Justice and we place diversity, inclusion, belonging and justice at the forefront of every decision we make within our school. 

We believe diversity in both experience and thought are critical to the way we learn. We support this belief in the following ways:

  • diversity of thought, experience and approach is represented in our curriculum, our support materials and our teaching methods.

  • all members of our community feel they belong and are supported regardless of their background, identity, or affiliations.

  • providing equal access to programs, services and support to all students regardless of their background, culture, race and ethnicity, gender, political and religious beliefs, physical and learning differences, sexual orientations and identities.

  • we remove barriers to inclusion for students with a diverse range of personal circumstances and characteristics.

  • we provide access to flexible study and payment arrangement.