Policy:Disability & Accessibility Policy

ICA is committed to the creating and maintaining a teaching, learning and social environment that provides equal access to students with a disability in an environment that values diversity, is free from harassment and unlawful discrimination and promotes equality of opportunity. This policy outlines the measures we have in place to ensure this outcome.

Scope: Students, Graduates, ICA staff and volunteers


Disability - is defined very broadly under the Australian Disability Discrimination Act 1992 as any physical, sensory, neurological, intellectual, psychiatric or learning disability, and includes physical disfigurement, the presence in the body of disease-causing organisms and total or partial loss of part of the body or a bodily function. It also includes a temporary, permanent, current, past or future disability, and chronic health conditions which may not commonly be considered disabilities.

Flexible Study Arrangements - are changes to the structure, content or delivery programs and courses 

Flexible Assessment Arrangements - are changes to assessment tasks, submission formats or submission deadlines to enable full and equal access.

Reasonable Adjustments - are administrative, environmental or procedural alterations which remove barriers for people with a disability. An adjustment is reasonable if it takes into account the requirements of the person and balances the costs and benefits of making the adjustment.

Learning Access Plan - is a study support plan prepared to minimize any educational disadvantage a student may experience resulting from a disability, health condition, mental health condition or chronic illness.

Policy and Procedure:

As a school we support students’ needs and create supporting learning and teaching environments where all students, regardless of their situation, have the opportunity to succeed. We do this in a variety of ways, including

1. Provision of study materials in accessible formats

Students with disabilities, including vision impairment, deafness or a learning disability may need access to study materials in specific formats. This could include:

  • Large print
  • Audio recordings
  • Electronic files
  • Closed captions

2. Course adjustment recommendations

Course Adjustments are made on a case-by-case basis, and may include:

  • Deferring an existing course
  • Transferring to a different, more suitable course
  • Extensions to enrolment period
  • Flexibility with assignment deadlines
  • Flexibility in attendance requirements


3. Inclusive teaching practices

We teach our program via Zoom and require that all students attend with camera on. In the case of a student with specific learning needs we can

  • Discuss the student’s learning needs with the Trainers
  • Provide a transcript of the class
  • Replace voice to voice engagement with the chat function
  • Allow camera off attendance
  • Grant permission to tape classes


4. Customized support

Students with a disability may require additional support, including:

  • Individual orientation
  • Personal and academic advising
  • Referrals to additional services or agencies

Learning Action Plan

In addition, students may request or be advised to develop a Learning Access Plan. A Learning Access Plan is a study support plan prepared to minimize any educational disadvantage a student may experience resulting from a disability, health condition, mental health condition or chronic illness. It is developed in conjunction with a Senior Trainer and  identifies any specific learning needs and then details the adjustments recommended to assist the student to participate in and meet their course requirements.

With the student’s consent their Learning Access Plan is shared with Trainers and Support staff to support delivery and assessment strategies.


 All information provided to us in the course of supporting a student with disabilities is kept strictly confidential and only shared with Trainers and Support staff with permission.

 5. Provide Trainers with Professional Development

We deliver regular professional development to our Faculty and Support staff on a range of topics related to accommodating and supporting learners with diverse abilities including:

  • Access & equity training
  • Disability, diversity & inclusion training


The implementation of this policy is the responsibility of all staff and students of the International Coach Academy.

School Responsibilities

  • People with a disability will be encouraged to apply for positions at the Academy. All recruitment and selection processes will be inclusive of the requirements of people with a disability.
  • ICA will apply the principle of reasonable adjustment to remove barriers to participation in work or study by people with a disability
  • ICA is responsible for creating a climate in which students and other staff are encouraged to discuss issues arising from the impact of the disability on their studies or work

Staff responsibilities

  • Enrolment staff will consult prospective students on any potential support requirements arising from a disability
  • Faculty are expected to undertake professional development activities to gain knowledge, skills and awareness of disability issues and potential support  requirements of students
  • Faculty and Support staff will assist in the implementation of Learning Access Plans
  • Faculty and Support staff will implement all the reasonable adjustments stipulated in the Learning Access Plan

Student's Responsibilities

  • Prospective students with a disability are required to familiarize themselves with the inherent requirements of their chosen program before enrolment.
  • Enrolled students with a disability are required to inform ICA Support of any support they may require.
  • Prospective and Enrolled students with a disability have the right to not declare their disability, however implementation of reasonable adjustments to the course or program is only possible if the student declares the nature of their disability

Our Promise

It is the right of the school (ICA) to determine the extent or nature of support we are able to offer enrolled students. If for any reason it is determined that we are unable to adequately meet a student's support needs, we will refund the student in full. 

In the event that this should transpire the student will be certified for any coach training hours they have completed and be supported to find alternative education options. The Admin fee will be waived in these cases.