The schedule is cyclical, with every module scheduled at least once in each time option during your member period. You can attend theory and coach development labs in any order (eg. there is no 'beginning' or 'end' with order). If you miss a class one week you can take it another week at a different time.

  • If you prefer to attend the same time each week
    Select a time option that works for you and then attend that class or lab each week for the completion of all theory and coach development labs.

  • If you prefer to fast track and attend multiple times a week?
    Select as many classes or labs as you have time for, across multiple time options.


Step 1: Select Your Time Zone

The schedules are published in 11 time zones, with New York eastern as the default. 

Students can expect at least 5  options for their local time, with the options published 60 days ahead.  Select a regional calendar that best matches your time zone.

Step 2: Customise your calendar view

The calendar is shown in the traditional block view. This can be customised to show all classes for a month, or just for a week. Or you can switch the view to a vertical list of classes. 

Step 3: Select your language 

Filter classes by the language of your enrollment using the 'Filter' function on the left-hand side of the schedule.  ICA's programs are delivered in 3 languages: English, Chinese and Italian. 

Related Policies 

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