All classes and labs are delivered using Zoom and facilitated by a member of ICA's faculty.  Students must arrive on time and stay for the full duration of the class. The following guidelines have been provided to provide an optimal learning environment for the ICA community. 


'Just in Time Learning'
The learning model at ICA is “just-in-time” learning (or Flipped Learning).  All the information you need to complete your studies has been made available to you up front, in your learnsite.  It's then up to you to decide the days and times you study and the order you take your classes and labs. 


Zoom is a cloud based video conferencing system where anyone from anywhere in the world can connect.  At ICA zoom is used to host private classes, accessible only by ICA students.  A zoom line and passcode is connected to every event on the ICA schedule.  Read more about downloading zoom.

Scheduling of Classes and Labs

ICA's community is International, with students in over 126 countries.  As such, our schedule is International with class options spanning all time zones.  Students can expect at least 6 options for their local time, with the options published 60 days ahead.

Student numbers and the scheduling of classes is reviewed weekly with adjustments made as needed. An example being that if a class regularly has 20 students attend, then an additional class is scheduled at that same time, or a similar time.  As a result, it's likely some time zones might show more time options than other time zones.  It's also likely that the schedule might change throughout your studies to cater for the changing needs of ICA Learners.

Pace of Study

Your program has an assigned number of hours and completion requirements.  Within this you can take your time or you can fast track.   Reading & portfolio work can all be completed anytime (on the couch with a coffee, in your lunchbreak etc). Classes are attended via zoom, as per the schedule.  

Take your time
By taking just 1 class a week, each week, you will complete all requirements within your member period.

Fast Track
If your personal schedule has flexibility, and you are able to attend 2 - 3 classes a week, you can finish within 8 - 12 months.

The order for taking classes and labs

Your graduation checklist and learnsite will provide you with a complete list of classes and labs you need to attend to complete your program.   There will be at least 6 classes each week, scheduled between 6am to 10pm, in your local time. 

  • Theory Classes: Can be taken in any order
  • Coach Development Labs: Can be taken in any order
  • Coaching Competency Labs: Can be taken in any order
  • Mentor Labs: Refer to registration requirements in the learnsite
  • Coach Observation Labs: Refer to registration requirements in the learnsite

  In Preparation for your classes and labs

  1. Download and test the zoom technology 
  2. Make sure you have the zoom code and password
  3. Make sure your location is a quiet space with no distraction. This means minimising distractions and background noise, such as televisions, radios, pets, and other household members.  
  4. Dress appropriately.  Although it is online, this is an in person learning space.

 Attending Classes and Labs 

  • Arrive on the hour (preferably even a few minutes before) and stay for the full duration of the class.
  • Be sure to show your name on the Zoom screen (for example, you cannot show 'zoom person').  
  • Adjust your camera to be eye level
  • Mute your microphone if you're not speaking
  • Try to avoid talking over other participants (use the chat function if you would like to ask a question and someone else is speaking)
  • Refrain from taking screen shots or recording classes (this is a private space)
  • Do not record the classes (this is a private space)

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