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We know from our many years of training coaches that coaching goals and the need for certification and/or credentials can change over time.  Especially for coaches as their business grows or evolves. For this reason, we offer pathways (scaffolding) for those wanting to upgrade their coaching skills, certification or credential.  


This policy applies to students and graduates at ICA.


This applies to students and graduates who have completed either coach specific training hours or full programs with International Coach Academy.  It also applies to students and graduates from other schools who would like to upgrade or continue their learning with International Coach Academy.

A common scenario being an ACSTH graduate wanting to pursue further study to achieve ACTP and then apply for ACC or PCC via the ACTP pathway. 

How to Apply

Learners must provide documentation of their coach specific training, including the organization, number of hours completed, completion certificate, and contact information for the organization or trainer. They may be asked for additional details or documentation on an as-needed basis.  This is then reviewed by International Coach Academy on a case by case basis to determine eligibility.