and Context:

Our programs are designed for adult learners and as such they provide the flexibility required for students who are living busy lives often with multiple and competing demands.


This policy applies to students at ICA.


If a student finds they need to exit the program early (and not continue on towards graduation), they will be certified for their completed hours.  This is dependent on the following:

  • ICA is notified within 14 days of them exiting the program

  • Their fees are paid in full

  • They submit a Graduation Checklist showing all classes and hours completed and in a format that is editable by ICA (Excel, Word etc).

If the student has completed at least 60 hours plus 10 hours mentor coaching (3 hrs one-on-one and 7 hrs group) they will be certified Level 1 education, designated as a path to the ACC Credential.  Any hours under this will be certified by ICA as approved coach specific training.


ICA Code of Conduct

If a student is unable to complete their program because they have breached the ICA Code of Conduct or other participation policies, then their individual participation and completion will be reviewed by the Training Director.  The issue of certification, if any, will be at the discretion of the ICA Training Director and dependent on the student submitting a Graduation Checklist, showing all classes and hours completed, and in a format that is editable by ICA (Excel, Word etc).