As a student and graduate coach, you will inevitably come across generative AI programs such as chatgpt, or tools embedded into everyday programs and apps such as word processors and search engines.  When used ethically, this technology can be helpful in developing critical thinking, extending research, and evaluating unique portfolios.   However, it must never be used to cheat, shortcut, or replace your learning.

Using AI to support your discovery and learning....

Similar to using google, AI can be used to search for explanations, answers, clarification and insights, and as a resource for 'brainstorming' or prompting further thought around an issue or idea.   Similar to programs such as Grammarly, it is also useful for checking and refining your written work, providing suggestions and edits. This is especially useful for the creation of portfolio work such as Coaching Models, Power Tools or Research Papers. 

Some tips for using AI

  • AI should enhance or compliment your learning, and not replace or create it
  • All content generated from AI must be verified (it can sometimes be wrong)
  • All content generated from AI must be cited (as you would regular referencing)
  • AI should never be used for unethical purposes, such as finding answers to exam questions (eg. cheating)
  • AI should never be used to record or transcribe ICA class or labs

Related: Please refer to the Academic Policy for further information and guidelines