Enrollment in a program, and fees paid, do not guarantee certification.  Each program has a set number of participation hours and milestones. All are requirements, however not all are assessed (scored).  

Scope: Students 


To ensure quality training, graduation of our training courses is at the sole discretion of International Coach Academy and is aligned with the ICF accreditation requirements.  Payment of the Fees does not guarantee Graduation.  Students will be required to pass certain minimum criteria, including but not limited to 

a) a number of training hours

b) a number of peer coaching hours

c) one or more examinations or assessment tests, 

d) demonstration of coaching at a required level or expertise

(e) participation in online discussion forums, and f) ethical conduct.

(f) demonstration of a coach approach and ethical conduct at all times within the 'virtual corridors' of ICA.  This includes in the classroom, in the forum and in communication with staff, volunteers and fellow peers or alumni

(g) Adherence to the ethical conduct guidelines as per ICA's code of conduct or the ICF's Ethics of practice policy.  

(h) all outstanding fees must be paid in full at least 2 weeks prior to the submission of their final evaluation. 

Your Graduation Certificate or Learning Status may at any time be revoked if in the opinion of International Coach Academy you do not meet the above criteria. In the case of your Certificate being revoked, your Licence to use the Material is also revoked, and your Fees are not refundable.

Program Assessments 

Assessments are evaluations that are reviewed and then scored.  There are two types of assessments:

Faculty Assessment

The purpose of faculty assessments is to provide students with observations and evidence regarding their knowledge and skill level.   They are intended to be motivating, and should acknowledge the students learning journey and achievements.  Unlike the feedback received during Mentor coaching or other practicum areas, this feedback is scored and students are provided with a competent or not yet competent outcome. 

As with general best practice and educational philosophy, students are not able to choose their assessor or examiner.  All ICA Assessors are qualified and experienced assessors and have been equally trained and professionally developed by ICA for the purpose of the above evaluations.

Faculty Assessed milestones include

  • Written Exam
  • Oral Exam
  • Course Quiz

Self Assessment

Self assessments are an opportunity for students to gain an awareness or understanding of their skill level, where their strengths are, and identify areas for improvement for further development.  This is an ongoing reflective practice throughout the entire ICA program, and specifically in the following course areas

Self assessed learning includes

  • Peer Coaching Reflection
  • Mentor Coaching Reflection
  • Observed Coaching Reflection
  • Oral Exam Reflection

Program Requirements 

Program requirements are milestones or achievements that must be completed and evidenced to be eligible for graduation. These are not scored.
Attendance and Participation Records
Students are required to attend a set number of class and lab hours. These should be logged in the Graduation Checklist, which is then submitted for graduation. These will be audited for accuracy. 

Portfolio work
All programs include portfolio work (eg. create your own coaching model). These are assessed for uniqueness and are scored as such.  Should a students work be scored as 'not unique' then they will have the opportunity to review, reference and if needed, resubmit.