Each program has requirements that must be met before a student can graduate.   Using the Certified Coach Training Program as an example.

To graduate from the Certified Program, students must complete the following 

Course Outcomes (required but not assessed)

Portfolio work is personal and subjective, and therefore not assessible.  However, they are a requirement.  Students must prepare their course work and then post it to the forum, where they will receive peer and faculty feedback. The final version should then be submitted at the time of graduation. This includes
  1. Prepare a Coach Development Plan
  2. Create your own Coaching Model
  3. Create your own Coaching Power Tool
  4. Create a Case Study or Coaching research paper

Attendance and Participation  (required but not assessed)

Students are required to attend a set number of class and lab hours.  These should be logged in the Graduation Checklist, which is then submitted for graduation.

  1. Attend and Track required class and lab hours  (eg. core competency, mentor coaching, coaching labs)
  2. Complete and Track Peer Coaching hours

Oral and Written Exams (required and assessed)

The written exam and oral exam have strict guidelines and are directly mapped against ICF competencies and markers.  This makes them assessible against a fixed criteria. 

* Once students have completed all course requirements they can apply to graduate.  Graduations are processed monthly and students can apply via their learnsite