The short answer:  No, you can't fail.  But, you might be asked to circle back to Mentor Coaching classes, or resit Observed, if your coaching does not meet the minimum standard required for coaching at PCC level. 

The longer answer:   To complete observed coaching and continue on towards the oral exam, and graduation, you must be observed as consistently coaching at PCC level.  

As a student, you are responsible for attending all 10 classes, coaching in 5 of those classes (Your Coaching series), knowing and demonstrating the PCC markers during your coaching sessions, and then using the feedback from your mentor coach to further develop your coaching skills.

Your Mentor coach is responsible for observing your sessions and evaluating your coaching against the minimum requirement for coaching at PCC level. This includes noting the use of PCC markers and sharing this with you via verbal and written feedback. 


If your Mentor coach determines you are NOT coaching at PCC level then it will be formally recommended that you circle back to Mentor Coaching classes, revisit the PCC markers, and self assess your coaching sessions before completing Observed coaching.  A $150 fee applies to rejoin 

If your Mentor Coach determines you DID demonstrate coaching at PCC level then you will be able to mark Observed Coaching as complete, and continue on towards your oral exam.