Your graduation checklist will outline the required number of classes you must complete for you to achieve the required learning and graduate from your program.  As you attend a class you register your attendance in your graduation checklist and move on to the next class requirement.  You are most welcome to repeat classes for further learning and development (as per the guidelines below) but only the first attendance of each class counts towards your program completion.

  • Core Competency
    You can attend these classes as many times as you like prior to commencing Observed Coaching. Only the first instance of each class attended counts towards program completion.

  • Coaching Labs
    You can attend as many coaching labs as you feel you need prior to the commencement of Observed Coaching. Any attended beyond the program requirement are for self learning and development.

  • Mentor Coaching
    Students attend a total of 10 mentor labs; 6 as coach and participant (registration required), and 4 as participant only (no registration required).

  • Observed Coaching
    You must register in advance and can only attend the series you registered for as coach.  You can then also attend 5 sessions as observer.