As part of your oral exam, you will be required to submit a transcript of the coaching session.

The transcript should include at the top:

  • your name
  • your program
  • the name of the coachee 
  • and the date the coaching session took place 

Then type out the conversation highlighting each speaker and the time code at the change of each speaker.

Below is an example:

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Student Name:  ___________________________________

Program Name: ___________________________________

Client Name:     ___________________________________

Session Date:    ___________________________________







Hi Sarah, welcome to this coaching space. Thank you very much for allowing me to coach you today. Tell me, what are you bringing to our session today?



Well thanks for having me. Our family is in the process of making a decision in regard to adopting a dog in the New Year and we have some options in the form of various puppies and an adult dog. It is a big decision, and it affects me the most because I work from home. I have been doing a lot of journaling to help me get to a place where I am going to be at peace and happy with the decision that we are making. In doing that, I have noticed something coming up for me that is actually getting me quite stuck, and I am wanting to explore that with you today in our time together.



So, tell me a little bit more about what you are noticing.



If I am quite honest, I think it is something that I do in other situations, so this is not pertaining only to this. I seem to want to be very open, very open-minded, open-hearted and open arms even in this new opportunity which in this case is a new dog as we lost ours in the fall - and I feel something niggling, pulling me back and holding me there. That actually irks me because it goes against what I want which is I want to get to the place where I am completely free and open to welcome another animal. Because I am a journaler I keep these journals and I was kind of curious to see if this was something I had been doing before and I found quite a bit of evidence on those pages of the journals that this is something I do, so it is a habit, it is a pattern and it is not working, but it is getting me stuck like I can’t seem to take that next step in my progress. So, I am wanting to chat with you about that today.