Observed Coaching is progressive learning and takes place over a period of time (5 weeks) in a cycle that allows for listening and feedback from a mentor coach to be incorporated into each future session. Observed Coaching sits inside the final performance evaluation and is designed to prepare students for their Oral Exam. By the time you complete Observed you should be consistently demonstrating coaching as measure by the ACC markers (Workplace and Vocational program) or PCC markers (Advanced or Professional program). 

To register
  • All classes, labs and portfolio work must be near completion
  • Be sure that you can attend the time and dates you book
  • Your fees must be paid in full

To participate
  • All classes, labs and portfolio work must be complete 
  • Be prepared to submit your oral exam within 4 weeks of completing observed coaching

If you cancel your booking (for any reason), and another student takes up this session time, then a fee will not apply.   If you cancel your booking (for any reason) and we are not able to fill that space, then a fee of $250 will apply.

Note: The last thing we want to do is 'police' observed coaching registrations. But, at the same time, it's our responsibility to make sure the booking system works equally and fairly for all students. These fees are not revenue generating. They directly cover the costs associated with schedule adjustments and administration.