PolicyObserved Coaching Variations
PurposeObserved Coaching is registered for, and delivered, as a 5 week series.  Registration guidelines apply to be sure the booking system is equitable and accessible for all students. A non-negotiable fee of $150 USD applies to enrollment variations.  These fees are not revenue generating. They directly cover the costs associated with schedule adjustments and administration.  
Request Variation ($150 USD fee applies) - click here
ScopeICA Students in Vocational, Certified Professional or Advanced Professional Programs

Observed Coaching is progressive learning and takes place over a period of time (6 weeks) in a cycle that allows for listening and feedback from a mentor coach to be incorporated into each future session.  

Pre Registration Requirements
  • All classes, labs and portfolio work must be near completion
  • Be sure that you can attend the time and dates you book
  • Your fees must be paid in full

Attendance Requirements
  • All classes, labs and portfolio work must be complete 
  • Be prepared to submit your oral exam within 4 weeks of completing observed coaching


It is not possible to reschedule for change or mind.  However, in the case of illness or exceptional circumstances students can request a variation.  A $150 USD fee applies. 

** Refer to the ICA Learnsite for further information (in Observed Coaching Course Area)