At times throughout your program, you will be required to share a coaching session for feedback or evaluation. It is vital that your client is aware that you will be sharing this session, and that they provide permission that your coaching session might be recorded.

When requesting permission, you could share the following context with your clients:

These recordings:

  • are shared in ICA classes and labs solely for the purpose of enhancing your coach development
  • the file is held and played by you, or if shared, is only with ICA Faculty
  • anyone attending an ICA Class or lab is bound by ICA's confidentiality policies (you are welcome to share these policies)

You could also include a clause in the existing contract or create an additional contact. Wording might be:

I seek your explicit approval to record this session, and then share it within the ICA learning environment for the purpose of learning and development. The session will be shared with Faculty, who will then provide me with one-on-one feedback. A small group of peers (no more than 10 students) will also listen to the session for their own coach development. This session is protected by ICA's code of conduct and confidentiality policies (you could also create your own in addition).

You will also have access to this recording for your own reflection and growth. Conversely, if you prefer not to have any of your sessions recorded, please inform me of this preference.

We highly recommend that you connect with your peers, asking what clauses they might have used, or even sharing your own.